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Chapel classes are held twice a month and are taught by the pastor of our parent church La Cañada United Methodist Church. The chapel class meets in the church's sanctuary and consists of learning about the love of God, hearing the stories of the Bible, and singing songs. 

Music With Mr. Andy


A developmentally appropriate delightful music class that gets kids excited about music and having fun with singing. This program takes place every Friday morning. 

Lucky Ducks


Lucky Ducks is a physical education and dance program designed to instill healthy lifestyle habits in children. This class teaches small children about their bodies and how they work. Topics such as the heart, lungs, muscles, bones, brain, mouth, and nutrition are a regular part of the preschool physical education class.

Karate4Kids USA


Our karate class is optional for those who desire their children to participate and meets every Wednesday at 10:00am. This program is conducted by Karate4KidsUSA at the Children's Center. The program teaches Martial art to children in a fun, safe, and non-competitive environment. The Karate4KidsUSA program has a unique blend of goal-setting, self-esteem, respect, and discipline. These goals are attained in an enjoyable, exciting, and enriching atmosphere, while in a family-like setting. The classes are designed for children to have fun, to learn new skills, and to become knowledgeable not in the art of sel-defense, but in the lessons of life. 

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